Our Vision

That all young people have access to high quality youth provision delivered by a thriving, vibrant youth sector.

Our Mission

To promote and sustain quality youth work as a distinct practice. To advocate for and support the organisations which provide youth work and young people to take informed action on issues that affect their lives at a regional, national and international level.

Our Objectives

  • Advance the education of young people and others who work with young people through the provision of training events, conferences and other events.
  • Promote and share best practice in the field of youth work including the co-ordination of work on quality standards.
  • Work with other agencies including regional and national bodies to improve services and the image of young people.
  • The Youth Work Unit Yorkshire and The Humber CIO is a registered charity. Charity number 1096951
  • Our latest annual report can be found here (here to be link to annual report 22/23 in reports folder).

State of the Region’s Youth Work Sector 2022