Gordon Brown slams ‘obscene’ levels of destitution in the UK

 He described Britain as “haunted by poverty we thought had been consigned to history”. The situation was deteriorating for destitute families whose children lacked proper clothing, or had to share beds, whose parents felt shame because they could not provide and feared their children would be taken into care as a result, he said.

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Sadiq Khan Launches Inclusion Charter To Help Tackle Rising Suspensions and Absenteeism

 The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has launched London’s first Inclusion Charter to help tackle rising suspensions and absenteeism in schools. The charter has been developed by the Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) in partnership with young people, schools, parents and carers and education specialists and is centred on inclusive practice. Government figures show that the equivalent of 1,430 children each day lost learning in London in 2021/22 due to suspension or persistent absenteeism – up 71%  on pre-pandemic levels in 2018/19. An Ofsted report on knife crime also showed children excluded from school were twice as likely to carry a knife, while separate research highlights one in two of the prison population were excluded as children.

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Girls and gangs: radical approach to break cycle of violence

Tens of thousands of girls across England are at risk of serious violence and exploitation, often within gangs. But they’re largely ''invisible'' to the authorities because the majority of gang-reduction programmes are aimed at boys. One charity is embedding youth workers in clinics to try and reach these women and girls - offering a way out of a cycle of abuse and criminality.

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