Not-for-profit organisations including registered charities, CIOs, CICs, cooperatives, community benefit societies, schools, colleges and universities can apply for grants to support projects that have a positive impact on their community.  3 levels of grants are available: up to £19,999;  up to £39,999 and up to £100,000 depending on the size of the applicant organisation.

Grants are available for not-for-profit and educational institutions within 50 miles of nBS’ offices in Leeds to support projects that have a positive impact on local communities, improve places and spaces, and provide opportunities for individuals to reach their potential. Eligible projects could include, but are not limited to: energy efficiency and carbon reduction measures; waste reduction and recycling initiatives; improvements to outdoor environments; training programmes that develop local skills and employment opportunities. Applicants must be a not-for-profit organisation, operational for two years and based within a 50 mile radius of the npower Business Solutions office in either Solihull or Leeds.