The Foundation’s objectives are underpinned by the desire to give those under the
age of 18, and living with a mental health condition, disability, or growing up in poverty,
the opportunity to fulfil their potential whilst improving wellbeing, self-esteem and

All requests must fit with our objective:
Transforming young lives through sport and education.
In addition, requests must address one or more of the following priorities:
• Enables individuals to experience the mental and physical health benefits
of participatory sport
• Ensures participatory sport is accessible (accessibility includes affordability)
• Provides sporting or educational activities that foster life skills
• Aims to improve academic engagement and attainment
• Encourages the development of skills and personal attributes to aid
future employability

The Foundation funds clearly defined projects, initiatives or the purchase of specific
items. These must be one-off e.g. purchase of equipment or time-limited with the
activity or project being completed within 12 months.
Any activity must take place in UK