Social prescribing is suited to all age groups, but it is especially important for children and youth, as it is well understood that this population is particularly vulnerable to the effects of the social determinants of health and health inequities, and that intervening at this stage of life has the greatest impact on health and wellbeing over the life course. While this population that has largely been neglected in social prescribing research, policy, and practice, several evaluations of social prescribing for children and youth have emerged in recent years, which calls for a review of the evidence on this topic (Caitlin et al, 2023).

Introduction to Youth Social Prescribing  –  Join Street games for a short introduction webinar to explore ‘Youth Social Prescribing’ , meet and hear from other organisations and join the Q&A session to pose questions to Liza our SP lead.

Topic: ‘Introduction to Youth Social Prescribing’ webinar   20th March  2024 – 1pm-2.30pm  Checkout (

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