Over the past week, over 50 young people have participated in Youth Hustings organised by the YWU Youth Board and youth combined assemblies in each area.  Questioning candidates standing for Metro Mayor in the three devolved areas having elections on the 2nd May.

Young people asked questions on transport, climate, crime and safety, employment, post 18 education and skills and how they can continue to be part of this exciting democratic journey.  The candidates who have given up their time to meet with groups from the three combined authority areas – West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, York & North Yorkshire, have appreciated the thoughtfulness of the questions and the opportunity to hear directly from young people what is important to them.

A huge thank you to all the candidates, who have supported and given of their time both in person and through written responses, when you were unable to attend in person. (we did take notes!)  And the to the young people and their youth workers who supported and raised awareness of the concerns of young people living in our region.

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