Over the past few months, young people from across the region have been taking part in elections, for their Youth Councils / Forums /Parliaments and some for the UK Youth Parliament.  Nearly 60,000 young people from our region voted in the recent Make your Mark ballot, sharing what is important to them.

Youth Voice Social Action remains important and there are multiple opportunities for young people to take action.  As evidenced over the recent school holidays, when young people in Bradford attended a training day developing their skills and knowledge for being on a panel.  Young people from South West Yorkshire participated in activities exploring their emotional well being and sharing what supports them, meanwhile young people met to plan their Hustings and other to train as young leaders.

To support young people the YWU is facilitating an induction and training day, bringing together young people from across the region, to explore the skills, knowledge and behaviours they use or will develop whilst taking action.  The day will also be an opportunity to meet others, hear about local, regional and national social action projects for young people and join our Spond Community.

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