Hello and welcome to our surveys!

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has commissioned CFE Research to undertake an evaluation of activities delivered by the National Youth Agency (NYA) with Core Grant and Youth Worker Bursary funding. The DCMS funding is used to ensure the youth work workforce is trained and equipped to deliver safe and effective services that enhance young people’s skills and wellbeing.

 We have two surveys for people in your organisation to complete.  The surveys ask about the training, resources and support that youth work organisations engage with and the impact this has on professional practice.

 The first survey is for leaders and managers of organisations who commission, deliver or support youth work in England, who have responsibility for training and developing paid staff and volunteers.  Please click here to start this survey: https://survey.euro.confirmit.com/wix/p676374271237.aspx

 The second survey is for anyone who works or volunteers in youth work.  Please click here to start this survey: https://survey.euro.confirmit.com/wix/p568222938246.aspx

 If you have not engaged with the NYA’s training, resources and support, DCMS is still interested in your views. Please encourage everyone working or volunteering in your organisation to complete the surveys.  You may forward this email and the accompanying flyer to other organisations in your network that commission, deliver and support youth work, to help ensure that these surveys reach as many people as possible in the youth work workforce.

 Each survey takes approximately 10-15 minutes and participation is voluntary.

What will happen to the information I provide?

CFE Research will use the information you provide to write a report for DCMS. Within the report, it will not be possible to identify you or your organisation, as everything will be reported anonymously.

 For further information on how your data will be used, please see the privacy notice here https://cfe.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2024/04/NYA_CG_YWB_privacy_notice.pdf