They are ‘Austerity’s Children’, born in 2010. A modern-day equivalent of ‘Thatcher’s Children’ – born into cuts, cost-of-living crisis, Covid and Brexit, and the tearing of the social safety net.

After months of chatting to 13 and 14 year-olds across the country for a special Daily Mirror project it’s clear these young people have been starkly affected by the last 14 years of Conservative government. But what if today’s Year 9s had the keys to No 10?

When we asked them to finish the sentence ‘If I were in Number 10…’, they said they would cut NHS waiting lists, reopen youth clubs, prioritise the climate, give teenagers free public transport, pay people in the public sector fairly, guarantee free sport, introduce Votes at 16, get justice for the Covid Bereaved families and sort out the housing crisis.