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MyNCSC is a free digital service, provided by the National Cyber Security Centre, which aims to enhance your charity’s cyber security approach. While each service can be used independently, the best results are achieved when they are used holistically. 

 The MyNCSC platform combines various ACD (Active Cyber Defence) services, offering a unified experience tailored to each user’s needs, including content, vulnerabilities, and alerts. 

 This is a free service for UK Registered Charities, enabling organisations to access various ACD services such as Mail Check and Web Check.

 What is Mail Check?  Mail Check is the NCSC’s free platform for assessing email security compliance. It helps charities identify, understand, and prevent abuse of their email domains.  

 What is Web Check?  Web Check helps you find and fix common security vulnerabilities in the websites that you manage. It is free and easy to use and can help highlight website security issues, reducing the risk of damaging and costly cyberattacks.