Supporting young people to engage in elections –

A shared hub of resources, training opportunities and events, created by a partnership of non-partisan organisations working on democracy, education and youth.

Current opportunities/ resources include:

What do you need from corporates?

They are working closely with a group of corporates who are looking to support organisations in the Democracy Classroom Network in the run up to the election.  They are pulling together a list of opportunities and needs, including asks for space, mentors for you or your young people, volunteers, and free expertise on legal or marketing. If your organisation has a specific ask or need, or you would like to further discuss this opportunity, please contact Hattie (

Scouts invitation for manifesto policy partners

The Scouts’ Manifesto outlines policy recommendations to benefit young people in the UK, including advocating for universal access to outdoor learning and the right to request 35 hours of volunteer leave annually. Scouts will be writing and collaborating on papers addressing key areas such as advocating for volunteering leave and supporting active citizenship. Organisations can contribute evidence, case studies, and evaluation of policies, and will be credited in any papers they have involvement in. If you would like to know more information or chat further, please contact Molly Taylor (

iVote and VotesForSchools launch new teachers resource pack


VotesForSchools, together with iVote, have created a resource pack to help schools and colleges host a Voter Registration Event in their schools. You can view the resources and find out more below.