We provide support to young people sitting on the following national bodies:

Young Inspectors

National Young Inspectors – is part of National scheme where young people undertake training to become an inspector. Working in small teams’ young people from a range of lived experiences, visit specific services such as health clinics, National Funders, museums, youth provision to look at how effective services are for young people.

We have contributed to the creation of a National Inspection Framework. Which contains guidance on the delivery of youth led inspections. It is written for any organisations or individuals who are interested in setting up youth led inspections as a method of youth participation. The aim of the document is to provide a broad set of guidance principles to help improve the quality and impact of youth inspection.

Delivered in partnership with

The NYCA is formed of representatives of the Youth Combined Assemblies in each of the Metro Mayors (that have them). The NYCA focuses its work on the 4 issues that the Metro Mayors work jointly on; Transport, Net Zero, Employability and Skills – Global Britain, Climate.

The mission of the joint YCA (NYCA) is to collaborate with young people from city regions across England to amplify youth voice in the policy and decision-making process. The NYCA aims to work on transregional issues to bring our devolved regions closer together through the integration of young people throughout.

It is essential for participation in the joint youth panel to be an enriching experience for young people, giving an opportunity to meet others with whom they share common interests and develop skills and confidence.

The NYCA hopes to provide greater opportunities for young people to represent their generation into the mayoral pool of regional decision making and actions so that there can be a consistent youth voice across the country.

For more information visit the National Youth Combined Authority Website