Do you work with young people aged between 18 – 25 in West Yorkshire? If the answer is yes, The University of Leeds would like to hear from you. They are working in collaboration with the West Yorkshire NHS Integrated Care Board, embarking on a research project to explore the impact of childhood trauma and adversity on life trajectories, compounded by experiences with the criminal justice system and policing.

This research seeks to shed light on the potential long-term consequences of these lived experiences, intending to inform policies and practices that better support young people who have experienced adversity.

Your support is vital in helping us engage safely and in a trauma-informed way with young people who have lived experiences. Our research will involve:

  1. Discussions with young people aged 18–25 across West Yorkshire who have experienced significant interactions with police and criminal justice agencies and institutions
  2. Construction of narrative histories by working with young people
  3. Interviews with key professionals and frontline service providers engaged in policing, safeguarding, social care, and health who have had interactions with young people aged 18–25 who have engaged with the CJS/police in West Yorkshire

You can read more here – EOI – Adveristy Trauma Resilience in Childhood Experiences Final 1 (002)